Finishing Cement (Lime Stone Cement - LSC)

Finishing Cement (also known as Lime Stone Cement – LSC) is one of the Qassim Cement Company products introduced in the year 2003 after a number of studies and experiments which proved it to be appropriate for various purposes (finishing jobs, plaster, masonry, tile works and flooring).

Finishing Cement is formulated as per American Standard ASTM C1157–3.

Features of Finishing Cement

  • Excellent workability, due to its easy flow behavior.
  • Lesser Cracks & Crevices due to low “Heat of Hydration”.
  • It has long setting time as one of the major features which helps during application.
  • Reduced or no efflorescence due to low diffusivity.
  • Less consumption of Paints due to fineness in nature.
  • Smooth surface while plastering


Recommended to be used for all type of finishing jobs because of its fineness, better smoothness and extended flexibility in mixture and application.

Usage Examples

  • All types of Finishing and Plastering jobs 
  • Tiling and Masonry 
  • Tiles and Bricks manufacturing
  • Floor Plaster and Screeding


Forbidden to be used this product in Structural works, concrete flooring and pipe manufacturing