In which year Qassim Cement Company was incorporated?

Qassim Cement Company is a Saudi public Joint Stock company, established in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M/62 on 15 Shabaan, 1396H. (August 11, 1976) and registered in Buraydah City under commercial registration number 1131001224 on 28 Shaaban, 1398 (August 2, 1978).

In which exchange does Qassim Cement Company is listed and what is its symbol ?

Qassim Cement Company shares are listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange - TADAWUL under the symbol 3040.

What is Qassim Cement Company’s fiscal year?

QCC fiscal year is the Gregorian calendar year and it ends on 31 December. Our quarters end on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

Who are Qassim Cement Company’s independent auditors?

Dr. Mohamed Al- Amri & Co - BDO

When is the next annual shareholders’ meeting?

The shareholders’ meeting is typically held in March as determined by the Board of Directors and after having the approval of the concerned authorities.

How do I invest in Qassim Cement Company?

Qassim Cement Company stock can be purchased through a broker, generally a bank or a financial institution that provides brokerage services. A non-Saudi can open a Trading Investment Portfolio and establish an Investor Account subject to have a valid residence permit and a bank account with a Saudi local Bank. The applicant data shall be verified and processed through the Depository Center of Tadawul. To learn how you can buy Qassim Cement Company stock online, you may consult your local bank or one of the several licensed brokerage firms. 

Whom to contact about transferring my stock?

The Depository Center of Tadawul is the sole entity in the Kingdom authorized to practice the operations of deposit, transfer, settlement, clearing and registering ownership of Saudi securities traded on the Exchange. For more information, you may consult with your bank or refer your questions to The Depository Center of Tadawul at 01-2189090.

Who is the regulatory body that keeps track of stockholder records and how do I contact them?

The Depository Center of Tadawul keeps records of every outstanding stock and the name of the person/entity to which it is registered. When stock trades, the Depository Center transfers the ownership of the stock from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name. The information reported in the records of the Depository Center of Tadawul serve as conclusive evidence and proof of ownership. The Depository Center’s records also report pledges or other claims related to the Securities traded on the Exchange. For more information, please call The Depository Center of Tadawul at 01-2189090

Where will my notices be mailed? How do I change my address on my investor account?

You will be notified at the address that the Tadawul has on file. To verify your address, you may need to contact The Depository Center of Tadawul at 01-2189090. If your stock is currently held in a brokerage account, you may need to contact the broker directly.

Whom shall I contact regarding my statement of trading activities and stock holding?

Investors receive from their bank on a regular basis, a statement of all transactions and holdings. Here, investors may have several accounts with several banks. Investors can also contact the brokerage firm that they deal with for a statement of their stock holdings. Finally, investors can request a statement of their stock holdings from The Depository Center of Tadawul.

Whom shall I contact regarding depositing certificates in Investment Portfolios?

Depositing certificates in Investment Portfolios can be reached via banks, or via the Depository Center of Tadawual. 

How can I renew Qassim Cement Company shares Certificate?

Qassim Cement Company shares Certificate cannot be renewed because the “Certificate” has been cancelled and substituted with a “Portfolio”.

Can I transfer Qassim Cement Company shares from Portfolio and take a Certificate?

No, you can not.

How can I pledge shares?

You need to contact your bank directly. Banks can electronically forward the details of the shares to be pledged to the Depository Center of Tadawul. The shares are automatically flagged and consequently cannot be traded or pledged by another bank. Pledged shares can only be released by the Bank that initially pledged them.

How do I obtain copies of Qassim Cement Company’s financial documents and earnings news releases?

We encourage you to take advantage of Qassim Cement Company’s website by reviewing and/or downloading the information you need directly from this site. Please refer to Annual report, and Financial information for online versions of our financial literature.

How can I get a historical stock quote?

You can get a historical stock quote with the Historical Price Lookup on TADAWUL website.

How can I contact Qassim Cement Company’s Investor Relations department?

Please call

-       Tel.: +9661631665513 / E-mail: masood@qcc.com.sa
-       Tel.: +9661631665510 / E-mail: saadkabaa@qcc.com.sa
-       Tel.: +9661631660026 / E-mail: qccshareholder@qcc.com.sa
-       E-mail: ir@qcc.com.sa


-       WASEL Post:
Qassim Cement Co.
Mail address: Building No: 4266
Unit Number: 1
Buraidah: 52271 - 6735
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia