Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is one the product which Qassim Cement Company started producing when its production began. This is one of the most important products for all cement companies in the world.

The Qassim Cement Company was proactively pursuing to achieve the best levels of quality from the beginning of production in year 1400H, for which it was crowned with the issue of Official Mark of Quality by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization through its standard No. SSA–143 / 1979, hence became the first Cement Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get the quality certification.

Ordinary Portland Cement confirms to the European Standard EVN 197–1 for CEM–I 42.5 R Class


Used in all types of regular and reinforced concrete for all applications where no any special types of cement is required.

Usage Examples

  • Ready mix concrete
  • Columns and Foundations
  • Molding and casting in cold weather