Portland Pozzolana Cement

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) – Portland Cement is characterized by:

-          Low Heat of Hydration

-          Low Alkali Content

-          Better workability

This is one of the most important products for all cement companies in the world. PPC is manufactured by adding specific percentage of the natural Pozzolana to improve the properties of the cement. Pozzolana is a natural material which has silica in it in a reactive form.

This product complies with Saudi Standard No. SASO 2536/2005


PPC can be reliably utilized in the construction of large concrete structures, marine structures, masonry mortars, hydraulic structures and plastering.

Usage Examples

-          Ready Mix Concrete and other mass concreting works

-          Roads and pavements

-          Dykes, sewage pipes, dams

-          Molding and casting

-          Tiles Manufacturing and Fixing

-          Bricks manufacturing