Qassim Cement Company invites its Shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly (First Meeting)

Qassim Cement Company invites its Shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly (First Meeting)



The Board of Directors of Qassim Cement Company is pleased to invite the shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly meeting (First Meeting), which is determined to be held at 18:30 on Wednesday 29-12-2021G corresponding to 25-05-1443H, by personal attendance, and by modern technology means, in order to ensure the safety of the company shareholders and in an effort to support the efforts and preventive measures taken by the competent and relevant health authorities in relation to addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19), and as an extension of the continuous efforts made by all government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

City and Location of the General Assembly's Meeting:  Buraydah- Radisson Blue Hotel.

URL for the Meeting Location:
Shareholders can attend through modern technology means via:
Date of the General Assembly's Meeting:    2021-12-29 Corresponding to 1443-05-25
Time of the General Assembly's Meeting:   18:30
Attendance Eligibility:
Every shareholder has the right to participate and that is for the shareholders registered in the company's shareholders register at the Depository Center at the end of the trading session preceding the General Assembly meeting, according to the rules and regulations.
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly's Meeting:
The meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly will be valid if attended by shareholders representing at least a quarter of the capital. In case the quorum is not complete, a second meeting will be held one hour after the end of the period specified for the first meeting, and the second meeting will be valid regardless of the number of shares attend in it.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda:

1) Voting for election of the Board members from among the candidates for the next term, commencing from 01-01-2022 G. for a term of three years, ending on 31-12-2024 G. (Candidates' CVs attached).
2) Voting on the formation of the Audit Committee, and the definition of its duties, work regulations and remuneration of its members for the new term, starting from 01-01-2022 G. until the end of the term on 31-12-2024 G. The following are the names of the candidates, (whose CVs are attached):

1- Mr. Saad Ibrahim Saad Almushawah (Committee Chief)

2- Mr. Tariq Khalid Mohammed Almarshoud (Member)

3- Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Beraidi (Member)

4- Mr. Fawzi Ibrahim Al-habib (Member)

Proxy Form:  
Shareholders registered in the Tadawulaty services will be able to vote remotely on the items of the assembly, starting from ten in the morning on Sunday 26-12-2021G corresponding 22-05-1443H until 19:00 on the day of the meeting, and registration and voting in the Tadawulaty services will be available and free for all shareholders using the link:
Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting:
Eligibility for Registering the Attendance of the General Assembly’s Meeting Ends upon the Convenience of the General Assembly’s Meeting. Eligibility for Voting on the Business of the Meeting Agenda Ends upon the Counting Committee Concludes Counting the Votes.
Method of Communication:
For inquiries, you are kindly requested to contact the Shareholders Relations section through phone number 0163160026 or 0163165513 or by e-mail:
Additional Information:
The shareholder has the right to authorize another person to attend by virtue of a written proxy, provided that he is not a member of the board of directors or an employee of the company, and that it be approved by: Chambers of Commerce and Industry when the shareholder is affiliated with one of them or if the shareholder is a company or legal institution. A licensed bank or authorized person in the Kingdom, provided that the principal has an account with the bank or the authorized person performing the attestation. Notaries public or persons authorized to do notary work. The shareholder or his representative must provide the company with a copy of the power of attorney at least two days before the date of the meeting, and send it to the company’s headquarter – Buraydah- Altarfiah Road/ second floor or send it by national address 4266 Buraydah 6735-52271 or to The proxy must present the original power of attorney before the assembly is convened, and all shareholders or their agents must bring their national ID.
Attached Documents:     

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