QCC Board of Directors recommended dividends distribution of SAR 315 Million

QCC Board of Directors recommended dividends distribution of SAR 315 Million


The General Manager stated that the Board of directors of Qassim Cement Company held its regular meeting under the Chairmanship of his Excellency Engineer Abdullah Bin Abdulatif Al-Saif – Chairman of the Board of Directors on Monday evening, 21/03/1433H corresponding to 13/02/2012G and decided to recommend to the forthcoming 33rd Ordinary General Assembly the distribution of dividend to shareholders for the second half of the year 2011 by SAR 3.50 per share which shall be distributed to all eligible shareholders of record by the end of trading on the day of the 33rd Ordinary General Assembly meeting which will be held on Wednesday, 28/04/1433H corresponding to 21/03/2012G, bringing the total dividend for the fiscal year 2011 of SAR 517.5 million (SAR 5.75 per share), equivalent to 57.5% of the paid in capital where it has already distributed the amount of SAR 2.25 per share earlier for the first half of 2011.

The General Manager stated that the Board Directors raised the dividend by 15% from last year supported by notable profits of the company and stronger financial position that provides ample liquidity.   

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