Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Qassim Cement cares about our community. 

As part of our CSR initiatives, Qassim Cement has contributed to the development of a new project to be launched in the central market of Buraidah City. The project consists of a sophisticated laboratory to analyze the validity and fitness of all types of food for human consumption.   

Other contributions to Qassim society include the financing of the educational and health sectors and regular support to youth activities. This support involves a number of touristic, cultural and educational activities.

Qassim Cement is also proud to contribute to Insan - an underage handicapped center and King Abdul Aziz Women Charity to provide soft loans for small businesses. The company also participates in local festivals on a regular basis.

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Qassim Cement produces more than 4 million metric tons of high-quality cement and superior performance. Our professional human capital is employed in our advanced factory that works to achieve the goal of providing high quality products to our customers.

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